Nokia 9 PureView arrived with Industry-first Penta-Lens camera module and impressed even the professional photographers with its imaging quality. HMD worked with “Light” to give this Penta-Lens camera that uses computational photography for fusing and delivering final image.

Now, as one can expect, HMD not only played with different camera designs before arriving at a final Camera module design but has even patented the design. The patented design for various Nokia 9 prototypes reveal three kind of camera modules as one can see in the images below.

While in two of designs above all camera lenses remain of the same size, in the third one the central one is larger than others. In the two designs where lenses are of same size the position of TOF and perhaps types of cameras differ.

While it is a common knowledge that companies test many prototypes before zeroing it to the final one, it is interesting to see three camera modules getting tested for Nokia 9 PureView. Perhaps, one of them will be featured in the Nokia 9 successor rumored to arrive in Q3 2019.

Nokia 9 PureView is the flagship Nokia smartphone that comes with an Industry-first Penta-Lens camera. Currently it is on pre-order in many European markets and is available in the US market. You can read our complete Nokia 9 PureView coverage here.

Nokia 9 PureView details:

Nokia 9 PureView Penta-Lens camera packs features like five simultaneous shots, 10 times more light capture, incredible amount of details, Refocus in Google Photos and more. It comes with 5.99-inch, 2K resolution PureDisplay with HDR10 support, in-display fingerprint sensor, Snapdragon 845 and 6GB RAM/128GB ROM.

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