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This Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 Concept has some awesome design suggestions.

Microsoft has started pushing Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 Builds to Insiders already. Until the last Build 14915, there have been no design changes and Build 14915 exactly looks like the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update. But we are in initial phase and later builds may pack UI changes and new features.

So, here is a Windows 10 Mobile concept that Microsoft Team may like to have a look at. Yes, it is quite interesting!! It suggests some useful and beautiful UI changes and also shows how the much-desired features like split-screen multitasking and interactive tiles should look like.

The concept has a redesigned status bar, redesigned bottom menu bar, new multitasking concept including split-screen multitasking, refreshed Action Center notifications design. Interactive Tiles are also there and the designer has also demoed how the interactive tile for Music should work in detail. Check some of the images below and go to designer’s blog for checking the concept in full.

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  • sayuki ichth

    The task bar is awesome! I think it will be more faster than pressing back button for multitasking and for closing open apps!

  • unichips

    Trouble is, there are officially supported devices which have dedicated capacitive keys using the old-style nav bar. Completely replacing the old-style nav bar will leave those devices with either:
    1) Duplicated on-screen functionality, wherein the task bar contains functionality which will already always be on-screen because of the hardware navbar buttons, or
    2) Useless hardware buttons taking up space on the bezel of the screen all the time, with no assigned functionality.

    I really don’t like either option. So long as devices continue to be supported which contain a hardware implementation of the traditional navbar, those devices should NOT be forced to add a duplicated software taskbar.

    Any visual navbar/taskbar update or refresh should be optional, and all OS functions or app user stories which are CAPABLE of being optimized by taking advantage of such a refresh, should also have MANDATORY fallbacks which would allow the continued use of the traditional navbar.

  • pijal

    i will love it with additional taskbar replacing navbar eh that on my dream loooong time ago 😀

  • Pedro Weekes

    Thing is what’s upsetting is MS is announcing different features to be added and the sheep-minded consumers are looking past the issues they currently face with glee to what’s coming. Should be in MS face getting current things right first then anything after. Why work on RS 2 features and RS1 STILL causing problems??????????

  • Pedro Weekes

    All well and good but the major issue right now is that MS tech people are STRUGGLING to just have a stable working W10M OS. When they fix 1 issue they cause 2 more. In all honesty instead of talking about NEW feature add-ons what they should have put all of their efforts into is a stable, quick functioning OS that whomever installs it on any of the accepted devices all have little -> 0 complaints. Then start work on the feature sets. Makes absolute sense that way it’d be easier to add to it. What they’re doing is trying to accomplish what Apple and Google took yrs to do in a couple months to a year. How many iterations has Apple had to it’s mobile OS? Or Google for that matter and when both it’s been a new update each year so if you count from the first it’s been like more than 5-10 yrs for them. With MS thinking and operating we the consumer always get the smelly end of the stick. Trying to do too much to fast and causing more issues than fixing or creating an acceptable experience. We have RS1 and yet still issues in different areas with various devices with MS sending out CU updates still to RS1. By now RS 1 should have been as stable as WP8.1 given the many, many CUs to it since W10M was released. Just get the OS working as a daily driver device should be and anything MS adds to it would/could only be seen as a bonus.

    • You’re not using w10M as a reliable daily driver? I have one phone… my backup… getting “mass” releases on Anniversary Update, and my daily driver is running the latest Fast Ring Redstone update. It doesn’t blink, doesn’t crash, doesn’t mess with my mind…. and I’m running it on a modestly powered Alcatel Fierce XL…

      I DID do a reset / clean install when anniversary update came out, so that could be a factor… but, in my experience the releases – even in the Fast Ring — are pretty rock solid.

      Most who have had any experience developing and launching software understand the kind of quality that MS is churning out…. and most marketers realize that speed is of the essence (without sacrificing quality). Sorry to hear you’re having a bad experience….

      • Pedro Weekes

        That’s the problem I never said I was having a bad experience what I said is there are many people having bad experiences. So instead of the issues with the OS that are present. Makes no sense there be still issues be at this stage, especially with talk of RS2 shortly.

  • MajorRockStar

    This is what I like to see…the fans making visual suggestions and concepts like in the old days. ? I like the notification idea regarding adding Cortana options for messaging in the drop down function, and the addition of the contact information. I also like the idea of live functionality of the live tiles. I’m mixed on the status bar idea, but I think it has more to do with the size of the bar being too small, a issue I have with Android. In fact this looks like a steal from Android, not a bad thing, but it could go bigger. Having the ticker tape feature available for apps is an idea, although I would like to see it available in the live tile first, but it does offer an additional option for someone who wants a simpler start screen. As for widgets being in the action screen, based on how the phone currently works, I don’t see a need for it. Maybe something may show up in the future, but if we are talking music, the volume rockers are simpler. What I don’t like is anything that requires me to stretch across the screen, that’s why I hate hamburger icons. So the pull out drawer for cortana is a no for me. Which brings me to my overall opinion of this concept, their is a lot of effort in adding functionality, but at the cost of mobility. Most of these ideas actually would be great on Windows 10, but it’s too busy for Windows Mobile. Which is why I don’t like the Cortana idea, besides the fact that it comes from the far side of the phone. It’s just easier in the menu bar close to the thumbs. Also the idea of more functionality in the menu bar is wonderful, but not practical for mobility. That said, nice job. Keep the concepts coming. One last thing, that phone shape…no. ??

    • Pedro Weekes

      A excuse me but you obviously can’t or choose not to see that it’s the SAME phone that’s in the first pic at the start of the article displayed with a circular frame cutting off the edges. My Word some are too simple!!!!!!

      • MajorRockStar

        I saw the first picture, but that isn’t the design used to explain the concept. But it isn’t that important to me which is why I didn’t spin too much time with it. But visually it doesn’t sell the concept as well as the first pic does, so it is something to note.

        • Pedro Weekes

          ok np my bad.

  • Sabbath Elisha Felix


  • Rivanda Bakhtiar

    How about NO !!

  • M Rankin

    hum I’m mixed on this

  • Konrad Uroda-Darłak

    Very ugly concept :s