WhatsApp is now getting a new update on the Android platform. The new update is always about making the app even better in the best possible way.

The latest update to WhatsApp is being rolled out to WhatsApp users on Beta program. The latest update to WhatsApp brings app version 2.20.13 to the Google Play Store but in beta version. Speaking of the update version, the update brings the much awaited Dark mode to the Whatsapp app on Android.

Steps to activate Dark mode on Whatsapp:

  • Once in the app, tap on the 3 dot icon on the right top corner. That will open a menu from there you’ll have to select ‘Settings’ and then open Settings.
  • To activate the Dark mode on Whatsapp app on Android, you’ll need to download the latest version and then open the app.
  • Once in the Settings, go to ‘Chats’
  • In Chats you’ll have to select ‘Theme’.
  • Tapping on ‘Theme’ will give you option to select Light, Dark and Set bt Battery Saver options.