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AT&T Lumia 830 snags a firmware update

Lumia 830 users on AT&T are reporting a firmware update for their devices. The update brings change in the Firmware version but there is no impact on the OS version 8.10.15148.160 (GDR2) so it seems to be only a Firmware update pushed by Microsoft. The new firmware version is 2179.0.15455.24047 which is

Lumia 625 gets Custom ROM with some changes

We know that Windows Phone is the most secured mobile operation system, however recently a new tool emerged called Windows Phone internals. The tool allows to enable Root Access on the phone or create and flash Custom ROM’s after unlocking the Bootloader. Now is able to install custom ROM on

Lumia 540’s latest software update brings “Thermal improvements”

It seems Lumia 540 in India (Variant RM-1141) is receiving a minor update that brings "Thermal improvements" as per the changelog. Read below the official changelog. The updated Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 version for Lumia 540 is 8.10.15137.148. Latest software release for Lumia 540 Dual SIM is Lumia Denim (02074.10000.15342.27003/8.10.15137.148). The

T-Mobile Lumia 435 now receiving WP8.1 GDR2 update.

Good news for T-Mobile Lumia 435 owners. It seems that Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 update is now rolling out to Lumia 435 on T-Mobile. The updated OS version is 8.10.15148.160 and firmware versions is 02075.10000.15215.361xx. Official Changelog: Manage phone settings more easily through the categorized and searchable settings menu. Bluetooth keyboard support added

Lumia 640 XL unboxing & first hands-on video

Here we are with the unboxing and first hands-on video of Lumia 640 XL retail unit. This is not a review unit but rather a personal purchase and we also discuss "reasons" behind this purchase decision in the video. Lumia 640 XL certainly has much going in its favor like: