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Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 (update 2): All that you need to know

Updated: The build 8.15.12492 is Windows 10 for Phones build under internal testing

Update: We can now confirm that the Build 8.15.12492 that we have reported below is in fact Windows 10 for Phones' latest build under internal testing. We have also reported sighting of Windows 10 for...

Normal WP8.1 users will get compatibility & stability updates (watered down GDR2) before Windows...

  Yesterday we reported about how Microsoft has planned to skip GDR2 and push "Windows Mobile 10" as the latest preview update. We did mention in the post and in comments that GDR2 is ready...

Updated: GDR2 may bring “switching on Lumia by saying Hey Cortana” feature

Update: Who knew today was Spanish April Fool's day. Grrrrr!We just came to understand that Microsoft has made "Hey Cortana" an OS wide feature in Windows 10 via the leaked Build 9901. This also raised...

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