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Nokia OZO gets VR broadcasting, 3D stitching & VR player SDK

Nokia has announced some cool new features and capabilities for its 360-deg VR camera OZO. Abilities that now come to Nokia OZO include live VR broadcasting, 3D stitching, and a VR player software development kit (SDK). Nokia considers it as strengthening and expansion of the Nokia Technologies VR ecosystem portfolio.

More Windows Phone 8.1: Quick access settings (Action Centre), Dual-Sim support and more.

Some interesting leaks are still emerging for Windows Phone 8.1. As mentioned on the Windows phone lovers Facebook page, seems there will be Five Slots found in Quick Settings of Action Center and following apps can be set for quick access, *Camera *Wifi *Bluetooth *Airplane Mode * Rotation Lock *Internet Sharing *Brightness *Do Not Disturb * VPN * Location and *

New WP 8.1 features: Speed Dial, Browser password manager, Camera UI, Cortana, Battery Power sense & Storage sense screenshots.

So much has been revealed about Windows Phone 8.1 via Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leaks, but still there is always something more to cover. So, here we are with some new stuff which was either not revealed or highlighted earlier, New thread settings and speak option (Cortana?), Battery Power sense &

Weekend Watch & Read: WP8 SDK leaked. WP8 Emulator video. Many unannounced features like lock screen customization,Camera lens, IE10, Data Sense, Xbox Music and photo hub revealed.

Recently a Software Development Kit (SDK)  for WP8 was leaked. This helped in uncovering even more features unannounced by Microsoft earlier. Great thing is that this SDK contains an emulator that provides basic access to some of the new functionality in Windows Phone 8. This Emulator video has been posted by "The Verge". This