Here465x300In a bid to expand its reach to business community using iOS and Android mobile platforms, HERE has introduced mobile SDK for iOS and Android platforms. This mobile SDK is for business and HERE is offering its offline mapping resource with it, so that the developed apps can work even without data connection.

With the HERE Mobile SDK for Enterprise they can develop mobile applications on the most comprehensive and detailed map out there and rely on a hybrid platform that gives them access to their map data even without a data connection.

Interested Business customers can reach to HERE by clicking here.

In another good news, HERE maps will be available to all Windows 8.1 devices soon. When Lumia 2520 was launched, Nokia brought HERE Maps as an exclusive to Lumia 2520, but as we have seen in case of Windows Phone smartphones, it is expanding to all devices based on the platform.

Today we’re delighted to announce that the HERE Maps application for Windows 8.1, currently only available on the Nokia Lumia 2520, will soon be available for all Windows 8.1 devices, including laptops, desktops and tablets. Both Windows RT and Pro devices will be supported. The app will be free and available from the Windows Store.

Also, it seems fully loaded with offline and 3D maps support.

As with the previous version of the app it is an all-in-one mapping solution, combining vector, satellite and 3D maps, points of interest, search and route planning. Complete country maps can also be downloaded for offline use, just like you may be used to doing on Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

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