So much has been revealed about Windows Phone 8.1 via Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leaks, but still there is always something more to cover. So, here we are with some new stuff which was either not revealed or highlighted earlier,

New thread settings and speak option (Cortana?), Battery Power sense & Storage sense screenshots:

Apps WP8.1

Browser password manager, Speak button for SkyDrive upload (Cortana) and contact filter settings:

Apps2 wp8.1

Download full images always in mail, Default voice navigation app can be changed in Maps (Cortana?), Upload status for photos:

settings wp8.1

New Camera UI, Speed dial (Finally) and lock-screen settings:UI WP8.1

There is so much more to read about new windows Phone 8.1‘s new features and changes. Click here for all the coverage of all Windows Phone 8.1 leaks.

Thanks Mohan for the tip. Cheers!!