Recently a Software Development Kit (SDK)  for WP8 was leaked. This helped in uncovering even more features unannounced by Microsoft earlier. Great thing is that this SDK contains an emulator that provides basic access to some of the new functionality in Windows Phone 8. This Emulator video has been posted by “The Verge”.

This video shows new start screen, lock screen customization, IE10 new features, Data Sense, Xbox Music and the photo hub.

Check the video below.


Also from many sources we tried to consolidate all the previously unannounced features of WP8 which leaked SDK has revealed.

  • On the Camera side, Microsoft is building in a “Camera Lens” functionality that pulls in apps that use the camera into one single UI. At present we could only test the Bing Vision feature, but there’s a link to fetch more Lenses so it’s clear this will be expanded somewhat.
  • IE10 Mobile Browser will have same rendering engine as desktop IE10 and will have SmartScreen Filter support. You can now customize address bar button. Microsoft Data Sense service can be used to act as a proxy to reduce data usage. You can now block cookies from specific websites and apps.
  • Nokia Maps to have 4 modes namely, Road which displays the normal, default 2-D map, Aerial which displays an aerial photographic map, Hybrid which displays an aerial view of the map overlaid with roads and labels,Terrain which displays physical relief images for displaying elevation and water features such as mountains and rivers.
  • The new Start Screen is present, and the option to change tile sizes appears to work well for customization. It appears that WP8  will offer a number of theme colors via a picker in the settings menu — with 20 colors to choose from right now.
  • Data Sense, a built-in app that allows you to monitor data usage on Windows Phone 8. At first launch it will ask you to configure a single-use, monthly, or unlimited data allowance and the date it resets. From this information, Data Sense is able to monitor how much data allowance is used. You can track this using a live tile on the Start Screen and the app will warn you when you’re close to your limit.
  • There are much much better backup options into Windows Phone 8, offering users the ability to store SMS data in the cloud alongside app lists and settings. The existing auto-upload to SkyDrive feature for pictures is still present, but there’s greater control over video and picture backups now too.
  • The Xbox and Music / Video hubs have a fresh user interface that closely matches Microsoft’s SmartGlass theme, and there’s even access to the Xbox Music store which is designed to replace Zune.
  • Photos and Camera functionality has also been updated. The Photo hub now lets you select multiple pictures for sharing or deletion, and there’s also an edit option to crop, rotate, or fix pictures.