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Windows Mobile 10: Battery Saver settings, USB Type-C & Keyboard / Mice support, Faster updates with project Milkyway, Upgrade Path

Time for some new and interesting tidbits about Windows 10 for Phones aka Windows Mobile 10 (it has re-emerged in WinHec 2015 PPTs) from Microsoft's WinHec event in China. Battery Saver to be much more customizable: It will allow setting the threshold for activating "Battery Saver". There are other changes in Settings

Weekend roundup: Cortana official, Lumia Icon selling, Lumia 1520 mini, MOLOME, Path, Camera Shootout & much more

In weekend roundup, we are bringing to you some highlights from our coverage. We covered some really interesting topics over the weekend and won’t like you to miss them. Microsoft's Virtual Assistant: Microsoft confirms Virtual Assistant in the works and will boast of artificial intelligence. Will have both male and female avatars (Cortana). Lumia

Path Beta comes to Windows Phone.

Path Beta app seems to have arrived for Windows Phone finally! Path is a social networking site, which allows one cozy comfort of privately sharing and connecting with family and close friends. This has been really long-awaited. Click here to download it on your Windows Phone. Features: - Your personal life -

Hipstamatic, Path,Vyclone, SNAPCAM, Panagraph,Yelp, CNN, Foursquare making apps for Lumia 1020. Flipboard & Vine coming too.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] We didn't miss on covering it and rather mention it in our live blog of Lumia 1020 event, but seems Nokia has managed to bring a lot more new apps than it demoed during the event. A separate press release details about following applications specifically made for Lumia 1020. Hipstamatic,