Lumia 929In weekend roundup, we are bringing to you some highlights from our coverage. We covered some really interesting topics over the weekend and won’t like you to miss them.

Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant:

Microsoft confirms Virtual Assistant in the works and will boast of artificial intelligence. Will have both male and female avatars (Cortana).

Lumia Icon selling in China:

Retail units available in China and Verizon customer still waiting!

Lumia 1520 mini aka Lumia 1520V:

It seems like a rumor yet but who knows what happens once MS takes the reins.

Camera shootout: Lumia 1520 vs iPhone 5S:

Guess who emerges winner here! The reviewer has compared audio as well.

Nokia-MS deal may get approval soon:

China may approve MS-Nokia deal soon. Delhi Court defers Tax case hearing till January 20th.

Apps, Apps and Apps:

Some popular apps made their way to Windows Phone,



Indigo Airlines

We reviewed top Flickr apps for Windows Phone.

6tinder gets pulled from store.

NPU Windows Phone app to receive a major update