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Lumia Black is the latest update for Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices and combines goodies from GDR3 and Nokia’s Firmware. It typically has a version no. (3051.40000.134x.00xx).

To check for updates, on your phone, tap Settings -> phone update. Below is the official Changelog,

Daily delighters: lock the screen rotation, close apps easily in the app switcher, use custom ringtones for messaging and mail, among other things
Update to Nokia Camera that combines Nokia Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera. Available from the Store app.
Get the latest version of Nokia Glance Screen – see quick status notifications, for example, about calendar and messaging events on the lock screen. New night-mode colours for the Glance Screen
Bluetooth 4.0 LE – preserve energy while staying connected via Bluetooth
Get enriched camera performance, enhanced battery monitoring, and other stability and usability improvements
Nokia Camera, Nokia Storyteller for all. For 1 GB RAM devices- Nokia Refocus, Nokia Beamer.

Lumia Black update now rolling out to Lumia 620 in most of the markets.

We reported about Lumia 620 owners in UK, Finland and Netherlands receiving Lumia Black update. Our reader "Yoga" just sent us a tip about getting Lumia Black update on his Lumia 620 in Indonesia....

Lumia Black update rolling out to Lumia 620 in UK.

We reported about Lumia 620 owners in Finland and Netherlands now receiving Lumia Black update. Now, according to a tip sent by our reader "Colin" it is rolling out to Lumia 620 in UK...

Updated: Lumia Black available for Lumia 620 in Finland, India & Netherlands. Rolling out...

Update: Seems, it is rolling out to Lumia 620 in India, too. Thanks Caspien for the tip. Cheers!! Great news for Lumia 620 owners, who unfortunately are yet to receive the Lumia Black on their devices....

Nokia Black update hitting Lumia 928

It has been a while since we talked about the Nokia Lumia 928, but if you want a recap here is a link to our review, Nokia Lumia 928 Review.  The Lumia 928 was Verizon's...

Nokia Play to updated with improved UI & slideshow feature. Needs Lumia Black!

Nokia has updated the DLNA streaming app "Play to" to the latest version 3.0 at the Windows Phone store. The app is still in Beta and exclusive to Lumia devices. This update brings a...

Nokia Treasure Tag app is available for Lumias running Black update.

We just reported about internal Nokia Treasure Tag app at Windows Phone store. Seems, the Treasure Tag is indeed coming to MWC, as the public version of this Treasure Tag app is now available...

Lumia Black now rolling out to AT&T Lumia 920 and 820.

Great news for AT&T Lumia 920 and 820 users! Lumia Black has started rolling out to their devices as reported by many of our readers. Nokia has earlier confirmed that Lumia Black update would hit...

Lumia Black update will hit most of the Lumias by end of January.

Nokia has confirmed in a QA session over Nokia Conversations that Lumia Black will hit most of the Lumias by end of January. Though, this timeline will be valid for the unlocked carrier branding...

Lumia Black update for Lumia 720 available in France, Nepal & Bangladesh.

It seems global roll out of Lumia Black update for Lumia 720 is about to begin!! In fact it is already marked available for France country variant. On further checking, I found it available for...

Lumia Black update now rolling out to Lumia 520.

This will bring cheer to the biggest group of Lumia owners. Lumia Black has started rolling out globally to Lumia 520. It is available now in Asia and Europe for many countries. So, even...

Lumia Black update now rolling out to Lumia 625.

Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 were the first ones to receive Lumia Black update. Lumia Black update bundles goodies from both GDR3 OS update and Nokia Firmware update in one. There are some new...

Lumia Black rolling out to AT&T Lumia 925.

Good news coming from AT&T Lumia 925 owners! Some of our readers tip us that Lumia Black update is now rolling out to their AT&T bound Lumia 925. Surprisingly the Global update page doesn't...

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