Lumia Black


Seems, it is rolling out to Lumia 620 in India, too. Thanks Caspien for the tip. Cheers!!

Great news for Lumia 620 owners, who unfortunately are yet to receive the Lumia Black on their devices. Lumia 620 in Finland and Netherlands have started receiving Lumia Black update and this raises hope of sooner roll-out to other markets as well. Nokia has earlier confirmed that Lumia Black update would hit most of the Lumias by end of January, but we are in the end of February, so that’s bit harsh on Lumia 620 owners!!

Another good news is for Lumia 925 owners on T-Mobile. Lumia Black is rolling out for your devices.

Lumia Black update bundles goodies from both GDR3 OS update and Nokia Firmware update in one. There are some new apps which also become compatible post Lumia Black.

Go to Settings—Phone update to check whether it has become available for your phone. Lumia Black brings some cool new features and important under the hood changes for your device. Check the full changelog here. You can go to official Lumia Black update page to check about availability of the update for your country.

You can also watch our hands-on video of Lumia Black and Apps Folder below to know what all Lumia Black update brings for your phone,