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Apple came, saw, stole old Tech and sold as “new” to iFans!!

So, Apple had an event yesterday and like always it may be hardly interesting for anyone without that feeling of iCompulsion to buy and recommend over-rated, overpriced 2013-esq hardware. But now we see our twitter timeline full of stories about how Apple again blatantly copied and sold already existing technologies

Innovator vs Copier !! Nokia raises “Who’s who” question on Samsung copying Lumia 920 innovations for the Galaxy S IV.

Well, this is sadly how things pan out in smartphone world nowadays. Android manufacturers copy innovations from Nokia and others and then the whole biased tech media digests it easily without mention and after sometime some even start claiming that how big it has become threat to Nokia's innovations !!

Did Apple copy Nokia N9 / Lumia 800’s design for iPod Nano. Original N9 design patent throws some light.

Image Source: BGR These kind of images and sarcastic comments are doing rounds since morning on Twitter and on different websites comparing just launched iPod Nano's design with unibody Nokia N9/Lumia 800's design . And, if you have a look  at the above photo, you will see lots of similarity between the two