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Symbian Belle VS Android: A comparison (Updated with Belle FP1 inputs).

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Symbian has already moved from Belle to Belle Feature Pack 1 and is available for 603, 700 and 701 as a software update. The mighty 808 Pureview will come with Belle FP1 pre-loaded.That is why we felt a need for updating this popular comparison and bringing a fresh article comparing the latest of two operating systems.

So the areas, where Symbian now has an upper hand as compared to Android,

Better Widgets:

The widget quality on Belle devices has got great boost with Belle FP1 adding as many as 20 new widgets. Also quality wise widgets on Symbian devices have more to offer. For example Symbian widgets take less space on the homescreen and important widgets like Social and E-mail are scrollable. So yu can just check the current mails or feeds without even opening the application. While Android widgets are not scrollable and you have to open the application to check more items.

Dolby digital Plus:

This is great feature for any operating system and great news for Symbian device owners with Belle FP1 compatible devices. Yes Belle FP1 brings Dolby digital plus to  603,700, 701 and 808 pureview. So you basically can enjoy Dolby surround sound with any headphones as the Dolby digital plus ability is inbuilt into the Symbian devices. Major advantage, if you compare even a low range 603 to even a high range Android like SGS II.

Check the video for more about Belle Feature Pack 1,


RAM requirements:

This is really a major strength of Symbian Belle. Check the above screenshot of N8 and SGSII. The N8 even with all the apps like Mail, Social (Facebook & Twitter),Weather widget  has got as much as 104 MB free RAM out of total 250 MB (RAM) . Compare that to Android devices having 500 MB RAM. I have seen as less as 70-80 MB RAM left for running applications in those Android devices. That gives you true picture. Android can’t support true multitasking because it is so much resource intensive.

Processing power requirements:

Symbian belle makes phones running on single core processor clocked at 680 Mhz very smooth. For example N8.This is very surprising in the times when we need dual core and processors clocked at 1.2 GHz for Androids to run them smooth.viz SGS2. That is sufficient to show how efficient Symbian is as an OS. Please follow the link below to see N8 with belle in action. It is also worth noting that low speced Android phones are not that smooth in operations, and Symbian belle phones in the same price range can beat them easily.

Power consumption:

This is where Symbian belle beats Android hands down.As Android needs more processing power to run the OS smoothly.It takes big toll on battery level of the device.We have heard a lot about how android users need to carry chargers with them,and charge it twice sometimes thrice in a day.

True & live Multitasking:

This is one area where even, Android’s latest ICS( Ice cream sandwich) can’t hold a lamp to Symbian Belle. Symbian always had true multitasking,with Belle it goes one step ahead and becomes live multitasking with live app tiles!! Android still only supports only a fixed number of apps while multitasking, and freezes others.

Now some areas where Android is still better than Symbian belle,

Screen resolution:

Though E6 has proved that Symbian can support resolution other than 640×360, but still Nokia has not come up with other devices with better resolution.Even 808 Pureview is coming with the same nHD resolution although with Nokia’s CBD (Clear Black Display) it looks fab and gives awesome outdoor visibility as well.

Better apps eco system:

Though it is not related to OS directly but apps eco system and quality wise, Android is better than Symbian.The number of app at Android market are nearly 300000. Symbian also has impressive numbers of around 110000. A comparison by “Allaboutsymbian” shows that all the top paid and free apps are also available in  “Nokia store”.But if you compare the quality then as the apps of Android get more frequent updates than Symbian, quality wise some of Android apps are better than Symbian.

Please let us know what you think about this comparison !!

Nayan has more than 10 years of experience of covering Technology and innovations. He is a big Nokia fan and Tech disruptions aficionado. He loves to review new cool gadgets and writing about Android, iOS, Gadgets and general Technology stuff. He has been associated with other well-known Tech sites WinCentral and GadgetOx since long. He currently sports a Lumia 950 XL and Nexus 5X. Other interests include listening to Nu-Metal Hits and Kick-Boxing. Write to him at Email: [email protected]
  • Peter

    Started up with a Nokia 15 years ago. Went to Sony Ericsson to make Cybershots… Hooked up with iphone for style… Got my first Android and then tried my second and my third and… threw them out… back to my Nokia. Peace and quiet again… Thanks!

    • Kamal

      Welcome back!!

  • seth

    After finish updating my Nokia e6 to belle os my headphone port stop working 🙁 ..
    That sucks can some one help me i just but it new

  • Mbomvu01

    Nokia is my best phone and Symbian Belle is my best OS. How to see if your phone runs Belle FP1 I have Nokia 700

    • Kamal Mishra

      open phone dialler and type *#0000#.

  • mukesh

    nokia ever best.

  • pulkit virmani

    nokia is better than samsung,nokia rocks in symbian belle

  • davieshegz

    am using a nokia 500 on belle n its realy amaizing esp the multitasking and the processing speed. Android has become more common and booring all phones are alike htc, samsang, ideos, alcatel etc but nokias on belle beats them all. Am proud to be using belle

  • kartik chhabra

    symbian belle is better in many ways as we have seen above i have a nokia 701 which is better than android phone in that range but the best thing i like of android market is that the apps are better and many run without of net and in nokia store lots of app work with internet conection and that make a great diffrence between android and symbian thats why android is more famous than symbian

  • JK

    symbian belle on n8 truly rocks!.! phones have always been far more reliable than others.maybe this is because of the familiarity of nokia..and symbian belle adds cherry tothe cake.while using it i feel so much at home.easy menu, beautiful UI and a very simple one, and even though my n8 just has a 1200maH lasts for atleast a day and a half with heavy i am planning to buy a new phone probably the Nokia Lumia 920. one thing is for sure i’ll be committed to nokia forever

  • Rajendra Cool

    Symbian belle OS looks and apps far better than Android OS.
    My some friends using android phones but they have no battery back up lol. Symbian phones battery back up is more far more than android phones. Symbian will never die in market.
    Nokia Symbian Rocks!

  • sunny

    nokia sucks!!!!nokia store that is full of garbage and ios is far better ..

  • Nokia and 700lover

    I know that Nokia will add more HD games. Nokia rocks! and Iphone is like a rock.

  • l m using nokia 603 thia is awsem may i know how can updated my phone

  • Adel

    ***Good News for Symbian users ***
    Nokia leaked news about releasing Symbian Carla OS and, according to this news this OS will be available for those Nokia phones which relesed with Belle OS such as 603,700,701,808
    Nokia always Rocks!

  • Adel

    I am a C# programmer and I am Using nokia 603 with FP2 updated version, Belle is really awesome and I think It’s because of co-op between Nokia And Microsoft in OS Developing and Financial management.
    Belle Multi Tasking and Task switching is really cool and I have great feelings when working with My 603.
    Nokia Rocks!

    ** Thanks for ur great comparison and nice blogs **

    • manohar

      iam also use 603nice mbe bt no front camera thts oly –

  • Shubham

    Symbian belle is amazing !

  • Shuvadeep

    Just ditched my SGS III and got a Pureview 808 and fully enjoying. Missing the HQ games though 🙁

  • Nepali hacker

    i quit my beloved n8 and joined the android community with sgs2 . but now i regret it . there should be something extra to us except apps ! the 8mpx camera on nokia devices is far better than any android devices and even sgs2 . so , i ‘ m thinking of rolling back to belle fp1 . thnx 4 d great great comparison . ur blogs r awesome !

  • arup

    nokia is a shit mobile.BELLE FLOPS,ANDROID ROCKS!!!

    • Shubho

      And U r a FUCKER!

    • anbu

      How can you justify that. And talk of something other than your garbage android market.

  • symbian belle i think is better than android gingerbread in some ways, how much more with this updated version.

  • iliyas

    why symbian is bounded with nokia. where samsung is strugling in mobile market. because symbian is good os and samsung has good my request is both companies provide good mobiles value for money.

    • PH

      iliyas, if you’re talking about the hardware… Nokia still is the best. It is just the marketing strategy that Nokia lacks. I am using a Nokia E7.

  • Shashank

    Symbian belle is definitely an overwhelming OS and i don’t criticize android but i have always loved nokia phones (yes more than iphone 4 itself). Previous versions of Symbian were li’l bit down on performance side, but never bugged me. Also apps that are important and necessary are available on nokia store as well so doesn’t bother what andriod users boast about.

    So Looking forward to more symbian show down in near future.

  • seijidinzuala

    I have Nokia N8,SE Xperia X10 and D2G…..overall I used my Nokia N8 the most,I have to charge my android phones more than thrice a day with continuous use,but N8 once a day…It makes me feel that Symbian is much better than Android..Developers and users,keep up the good work in using Symbian 😀

  • I would just like to mention that a bulk of the android apps are just garbage that no one uses and merely makes the app store size larger, Google also allows any app on there store, whereas Nokia takes a week to test an application on every device it is supposed to run on. Android also has easily more than 5 of the same utility and I would like to mention that apps specifically written for the Belle Ui look far better than those of any other Ui.

    Ps. Can you do something like this on Belle Fp1 vs iOS 5.1?