With swype version available at Nokia store, I was facing issue of split screen view disappearing while typing with my Belle updated Nokia N8. Hence I went ahead and downloaded Swype 2.1 version from Nokia BetaLabs, and it works like charm, and yes split cscreen view is on.

Download Link

You will need to sign in with Nokia account for downloading.

Read more about Swype 2.1 here,

This will be our last release to Beta before graduating to the Ovi store, so test it out and let us know what you think about Swype 2.1 for Symbian.Here’s a summary of the features and major changes in this new version:

  • Complete overhaul to the install / uninstall experience. Install to C:, SD Card, Mass Memory, etc, without a problem. (We still recommend you install to C)
  • Critical Settings crash has been fixed
  • Official Belle support
  • Thai and Vietnamese language support
  • Many small bug fixes thanks to our Beta testers

Now coming to amazing Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 release at Nokia BetaLabs, this is next iteration of Nokia’s mapping capibility, and we are impressed,

You can download it here,

Download Link

What’s new in this release?

You already know Nokia Maps for delivering best-in-class mapping, navigation, and photorealistic 3D views. This latest release raises the bar even further with a new way to show and tell where you’ve been with photos on a map, new voice search capability, and direct home-screen access to your favorite places. Finding your way has never been easier.

  • Larger map view as you drive – A narrower dashboard means a larger map view in landscape mode. So it’s easier to navigate when you’re behind the wheel.
  • Navigate hands-free with new voice search –Tap on the microphone icon and speak your destination. Available in UK English.
  • Route planner is back – A much-loved feature is back, allowing users to more easily plan their route, add new route points, and see the route preview before starting to drive. You can even create custom routes and starting points and save your favorite routes.
  • Put yourself on the map – Turn on “photos” in the Maps app to see all your geo-tagged pictures from your phone’s gallery placed on your map in the places they were taken.
  • Faster access to public transit routes – Now long press (press and hold) on your map gives you instant access to public transit directions, as well as drive and walk.
  • Search with just your voice – Users with UK SIM cards can now use voice search in English. Simply tap on the microphone icon next to the search box.
  • Home-screen access to your location and nearby places – Wherever you are, you can find out what’s around you right from your home screen. Look at, save, and share the details of the nearest places with only a few taps.
  • Quick, instant and easy access to view my current location and save/share it to my friends.
  • One click access to full maps experience.
  • Save my location to favourites.
  • Send my location to a friend by SMS.
  • Save or share the Place you’re at straight from your home screen.
  • Explore cool Places nearby.
  • Our Place pages show you all the reviews and pictures.
  • Search for public transport stations/stops, addresses and POIs.
  • Choose from multiple routes and follow the list of directions for buses, trams, underground or trains.
  • Get earlier/later journeys.
  • Save your favourite in the homescreen to have quick access to them.
  • Map integration: offer the possibility of seeing the PT stops in the map.
  • Line information:  the stops along a line and its frequency.