In what may appear as a testimony to the popularity of Nokia 6 in China, the new Nokia 6 variant has amassed 200,000 pre-register interests already.

This new variant lacks NFC and has 32 GB internal storage as compared to 64 GB on original Nokia 6 variant TA-1000 for China. But it is also priced 200 less than the original at Yuan 1499. So, this kind of interest in this new variant looks pleasantly surprising, given original Nokia 6 is there too.

Original Nokia 6 has sold out multiple times in China and has amassed huge pre-registration numbers. This is again a great news in face of a sea of competitor Android devices with lower pricing and comparable specs. Nokia 6 has won hearts in China with its premium design, very good camera and keeping the Android experience pure.

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Nokia 6 just went global with the official announcement made at MWC 2017. You can read full detailed Nokia 6 Specs by clicking here. Read our full Nokia 6 coverage by clicking here.

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