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Stylus (Pen) for Lumia 950 XL & Microsoft Edge annotation support coming with future updates

Surface Pen

We had reported about Stylus or Surface Pen support for Lumia 950 XL long time ago. Now, Microsoft didn’t talk about it during the October 6 event and similarly they didn’t talk about other accessories like Treasure Tag 2, which we saw passing certification at FCC. So, question certainly arises of what happened to the feature that was also confirmed by other sites as coming with Lumia 950 XL.

We have some info about it from none other than Microsoft Insider Nawzil, who claims it is delayed due to a technical issue but will be coming later. Nawzil has also revealed that even the web note support for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile will be coming with a future update mostly in 2016. It seems accessories support like Treasure Tage 2, Surface Pen may be announced later in a low-profile manner.

Thanks Nawzil for the info. Cheers!!

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  • Mario Crespi


    I find it very
    surprising the MICROSOFT did not announce pen compatibility for the LUMIA 950

    MICROSOFT has been
    pushing hard its pen technology and OneNote app but still does not offer a
    pen on its OWN phones.

    In my opinion, that is
    a sign of mediocracy in MICROSOFT management. Actually it’s quite annoying and,
    again in my opinion, a lack of respect to their customers. Some of us could die waiting for
    them to have a complete package working fine. It’s like they are playing with a lot toys
    but have no idea of how to make them work together. And they do have great
    toys. Just poor management skills. Maybe they have too much money and do not
    mind wasting it by being incompetent and inefficient.

    OneNote works great on
    the Surface and on any Windows 10 computer but sucks in android devices
    including Samsung´s Note which is the only phone with a decent pen.

    So if at least OneNote
    would work decently on android with a pen, that could be ok while they put some
    real effort on their phones.

    But still it’s hard to
    understand how MICROSOFT could make such a big presentation October 6th,
    talking about the increment of pen usage and still has the courage to introduce
    a great tech phone, but with a cheap case, and no pen. Don’t take the cake out
    of the oven if it’s not ready.

    Another thing, Office365 and
    Outlook, what a mess. Different skype contacts, you can do more things with the
    free version that with the paid version. How hard could it be for the biggest
    software company in the world to make some sense of their offering.


    We are willing and eager to devote time and make a great effort
    in learning new tools that help make our lives more interesting, productive and

    We want to take advantage of the latest technologies that help
    us improve ourselves and our systems, and hopefully we would later be able to
    add our part to help and improve the lives and systems of others.

    Let’s do our best and not be mediocre.

    You could do better.

    This comment is meant as a respectful and constructive criticism
    and I hope it helps you improve your offerings which I do value and appreciate.

    Mario CRESPI

  • Michael Fernandez

    As much as i would love to believe this… this article says

    “I have it on good sourcing that no. Not for this generation of phones at least.”… 🙁

    • Kamal

      I would rather trust a Microsoft Employee than a self-proclaimed insider.

      • Michael Fernandez

        wow in which case i am so happy… because i am getting the 950XL as soon as it comes to India.. dont mind waiting for an update that will make the pen work…