spoilerThe premium app that has gone free as myAppFree app of the day is “Spoiler Alert”. It is usually priced $0.99 in the store. This is a backwards platformer about starting at the end of the game, and undoing the entire adventure, the very first game you’ll uncomplete Read about the deal details.

Name: Spoiler Alert
Developer: Megafuzz I/S
Standard Price: $0.99
Promotion Price: $0.00
Start date: 2nd September
End date: 3rd September

Spoiler Alert Details:

When you pick up this game, it has already been beaten. The big bad boss is defeated, the coins are collected and the princess has been rescued. Why, oh why?

Unraveling this mystery takes you through the entire game, from the last level to the first. You must uncollect the coins, revive the enemies and avoid nasty time paradoxes. In other words, you must uncomplete the game by playing it backwards.

Everything in this game is so familiar, yet so different and new. You have played it a thousand times before, and at the same time, you have never tried anything like it.

Features: – Classic platformer gameplay in a unique new way never before seen – Very simple one-button gameplay ensures that this game is easy to learn, while difficult to master – Beautiful handdrawn graphics – 4 unique and diverse worlds – Original soundtrack by Roland La Goy – Epic boss fights, upgrades and many different and unique enemies

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