Spartan is not included in latest Windows 10 Build for desktop, Build 9926. But Microsoft has confirmed that in Windows 10 both Spartan and Internet explorer will be present and that IE will use same rendering Engines as Spartan. In case you are running Windows 10 already on your PC now, with a simple tweak you can make Internet explorer use Spartan’s rendering Engine.

Also in this release is the introduction of a new experimental features dashboard, accessed by browsing to about:flags. Here you’ll find new platform experiments that you can enable to try out the very bleeding edge of what we’re working on. Future experiments may include new standards we’re working on, interoperability fixes we’re trying out, new performance or security architectures, and more.

If you’re a developer coding against new features or testing for compatibility, you can head over to about:flags and choose Edge mode explicitly by setting “Enable Experimental Web Platform Features” to “Enabled” (“Automatic” restores you to the default roll out and “Disabled” lets you compare with 11 mode).

AboutFlags_575pxAnandTech has already used above tweak to enable and compare performance gains of IE running the latest Spartan rendering engine over the standard IE 11. We must say, gains look massive especially in case of Octane 2.0 and Kraken 1.1 benchmarks. This means much improved performance for Javascript Engine that brings it close to Chrome.

Spartan performance

Spartan will be able to deliver even much better performance using the latest rendering Engine, as it also packs other improvements over IE. While Spartan didn’t come with Build 9926 to Desktop, hopefully it will land on Windows Phones with Windows 10 preview Build in February.


Thanks Velu24 for the tip. Cheers!!