While Nokia fans have been ardently waiting for Nokia 5.2 and Nokia 6.2 launch all the while, it seems HMD may have been working on Nokia 7.2 along with Nokia 5.2/6.2. If our sources in retail have to be believed HMD is certainly testing Nokia 7.2 prototypes and may be planning to spring a surprise with its launch.

What also works in favor of this information which we tried to verify with more than one source is the tip from a few readers from Europe, who claim that HMD has informed retailers about Nokia 7.1 being discontinued and to be replaced soon with its successor. We have received this information from Finland, Austria, Russia, and Germany to name a few markets.

If this happens it simply means that HMD has shortened its product portfolio renewal cycle time. Nokia 7.1 garnered some rave reviews for its design, display, and camera in its price range and if HMD is planning to replace it with its successor it better be a worthy successor.

So far we haven’t heard any leak/rumor related to Nokia 7.2 but we hear that HMD has really worked on differentiating Nokia 5.2, 6.2 and 7.2 in terms of the overall package and we will keep you updated if we hear anything else.