apps.65073.9007199266602819.5bccd478-31b1-4b6a-adfc-ba63d266d859.c33c7404-e894-4885-bca4-382af2c3ccc3The popular game that gone free next as myAppFree of the day is  Soppy’s adventure. Here are the deal details.

Name: Soppy’s adventures
Developer: Loon Apps
Standard Price: $1.99
Promotion Price: $0.00
Start date: 23rd September
End date: 24th September

Soppy’s adventure Description and Features:

Help Soppy, the lost little water drop, to find its way back in a fancy world! Join the extraordinary adventures of Soppy in a world peopled by enemies and full of deadly traps and secret passages. Make Soppy spin round, using an easy, funny and original gameplay: with a flick of a finger, throw Soppy into the air. Start your adventure in the Jungle Land. Catch stars and unlock new fantastic worlds: Ice Land and Volcano Land. Launch into the adventure and take up the ultimate challenge: will you be able to find the 135 hidden stars of Soppy’s Adventure? Soppy’s Adventures has trial mode that allow you to play to the 8 firsts levels of the Jungle Land.


Exciting HD graphics (high definition).
An easy and funny game, but challenging to control.
Three fantastic colorful worlds.
A Bullet Time (i.e. slowed down) world, to perform actions requiring exceptional precision.
Nerve-shredding handmade epic levels.
Checkpoints allow you to save your progress inside each level.
A dynamic tile shows your progress and remainng lives.

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