A new and much-demanded feature of dismissing notification on one Windows 10 Mobile or PC devices to dismiss it on all connected Window 10 devices, will soon make its way to upcoming Insider builds it seems. Microsoft has announced during a Build 2016 session “Notifications in cloud” that Action Center will now support deeper sync via cloud allowing one-shot dismissal of notifications on all connected devices. The devices has to be connected via MSA of course.This already feels to be so much helpful and saves lots of annoyance on the part of users.

Microsoft will be taking Windows 10 Mobile and PC integration deeper and up to such an extent that you can start working with an app on Mobile and complete the work on PC and vice-versa. This is what we reported in our expected Redstone features list. Later we reported the example of a feature which allows making and receiving call from PC on a connected Mobile teased in Build 2016 sizzle video.