Steve from “All About Symbian” has done extensive imaging shootout between Sony’s latest flagship Xperia Z and Nokia’s imaging flagships 808 PureView and Lumia 920. The comparison is really fair and objective. Read the how of the comparison below.

All phones were left on full auto (aside from flash control).

All phones were in 16:9 shooting mode.

The Nokia 808 defaults to 5MP, so I used the Creative 8MP mode instead. The other two phones work out at about 9MP, so a fairly level playing field.

In each comparison crops below, the 808 photo is always on the left, the Xperia Z one in the middle and the Lumia 920 one on the right.

Note the seemingly different crop factors – this is due to field of view differences between the devices – the Xperia Z’s field of view was significantly less than the cams in the two Nokias. Neither approach is necessarily better – they’re just different.

In order to keep track of rankings, I’ll give scores out of 10 for detail in each shot by each phone camera.


The comparisons were done in 6 various test conditions with varying lighting and Flash conditions.



The Final scores reveal that 808 PureView is still untouchable as the ultimate smartphone camera. But, the real surprise comes from the comparison between Xperia Z and Lumia 920. Even with much hyped 13 MP sensor, Xperia Z finishes third in the race behind Lumia 920’s 8.7 MP sensor camera.

Nokia 808 PureView: 52

Nokia Lumia 920: 37

Sony Xperia Z: 30

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