Slack beta has received a new update for Windows Phone. The new version is 2016.311.0.0. The latest update brings new features such as faster reconnects and some fixes.

Slack beta Changelog:


  • Reconnecting is faster. It could be a bit sluggish in the past. But we greased that slug, and now it’s not only faster, but more reliable, and much happier.
  • For paid teams that have User groups (like @team @wp-users or @smart-people), these User Groups are now supported in the beta app.
  • Added support for an big upcoming. Well, not “big” big. Just “bigger”.


  • Fixed: Some bugs with error messages that rendered them more plentiful and less useful than was desirable.
  • Fixed: You can formally now find people by last name when starting a new conversation.

Thanks keshav for this tip!!!

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh1jj9h]