The Windows phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is SecureWord. This app allows you to store your confidential information.

You simply need to remember one password to an encrypted database, and from there you can store your IDs and passwords, but also your credits cards and bank account.

So download it now and save $2.99.

SecureWord Features:

– Manual synchronization with SkyDrive
– Properly developed security scheme with AES+CBC, SHA256, PBKDF2 and PRNG. Detailed info at the our website.
– Unlimited databases in device (you can have two or more different databases with sensitive information)
– Unlimited notes, cards and folders
– Realtime filter for a quick access
– Clients available for Classic Windows PC, Windows Store, Windows Phone.
– Versions for Android and iOS in the near future

Install Link