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Russia the first market to get Nokia 2. Available starting tomorrow

HMD announced Nokia 2 in India employing an innovative marketing strategy. Read our coverage of Nokia 2 launch here. Nokia 2 was supposed to become available mid-November onward, but Nokia fans in Russia seem to be the privileged lot.

Nokia 2 can be now bought in Russia from the official Nokia Mobile shop. Delivery begins tomorrow on November 9. Nokia 2 is priced at 7990 rubles ( USD 135).

Nokia 2 buy link (Russia)

You can read our hands-on with all colors on Nokia 2 and size-comparison with Nokia 3 here. We have also posted some first camera samples from Nokia 2 rear camera here.

Check full detailed Nokia 2 specs at our dedicated page.

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  • 777sasha3331

    Price in Russia on Nokia 2 very high!

    • Rob Beijendorf

      The iPhone X costs the equivalent of $1300 in Russia. The higher prices are likely a direct effect of the poor Russian economy in combination with the crashing ruble.

      • 777sasha3331

        Not true! Smartphones Nokia and Lumia’s have always been cheaper than other countries!!! Prices in Russia on all new smartphones Nokia 3,5,6 lower than in the rest of Europe!!! No need to lie)

        • Rob Beijendorf

          The devices you mention are more expensive in Russia than in other parts of the world.
          Russia is subject to a trade embargo due to their political actions, and the ruble is at an all-time low. These are things you can easily Google.

          Russia is also not the first country to get new flagships. It receives them at the same time as most of the rest of the world – that’s called a global launch and has nothing to do with local financial situations.

          • 777sasha3331

            You are right!. In Russia the price of Nokia 3,5,6 the lowest in EUROPE! You can easily check by moving the price of the machines official web store Nokia from Euros to rubles and to compare the results with the official price in the Russian Internet Nokia store.
            Also, Russia became the first country in the world where the sale came the flagship Nokia 8, this has happened before all countries 29 Aug 2017. Moreover, all the smartphones of Nokia also went for Russia first in the world: Nokia 3,5 has started to sell officially as of 15 June 2017, while in the rest of Europe they did a few weeks later!

            • Rob Beijendorf

              I have no interest in getting into a political discussion on a phone-related website
              The question was the launch price, not what country has the biggest current discount. Russian prices are higher for the simple matter of the economy not being as strong, and the ruble having a low exchange rate. You can read about the launch dates and prices in older articles here on NokiaPowerUser.
              And other than the Nokia 2, Russia hasn’t had any preferential treatment in smartphone launches. Russia got the Nokia 8 at the same time as Sweden, Finland and Germany among others, but not earlier. The same goes for all other major flagships.

      • 777sasha3331

        And, if the Russian economy was poor then Russia would not be the first country where go on sale all the new flagships ( iPhone x, Nokia 8)