cycleThe Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is RunMaster Cycle. This feature packed application will take your fitness to the next level and motivate you to continue your workouts harder than ever before.

RunMaster Cycle Features:

* No dependencies and need for any kind of registration with external web sites. All data are stored and analysed locally on your phone.

* A OneDrive (former SkyDrive) synchronization button. Never loose a workout. Synchronize and backup your workouts to your Windows Live OneDrive account with a single button press.

* A diary page for displaying summarized information of your courses (total, monthly, yearly).

* Never open other applications to access your play list. Now, with the embedded media player you can open and access your play list even while tracking your workout.

* Store all your workouts on the phone. Load them and review all the details of them later.

* Get graphical analysis of your courses. Which was your average speed in a point in time? How many calories did you spend? Which was your location on the map at that time?

* Get analysis of your walk/run based on various split intervals (either time, distance, or a custom one).

* Export the analysis results of your workouts in an Excel spreadsheet or in a printable PDF file.

* Export the workouts in GPX format (GPS Exchange format) that is compatible with a lot of industry software and web services (eg. Google Earth).

* Background operation

* Nokia maps support

* Live tiles support.

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