Nokia X30 5G vs Vivo X70 Pro +: Camera Comparison

Introduction In many ways, Vivo X series are defining mobile photography. What is more interesting is that the improvement is all around, with no stones left unturned. A good daylight output, improved HDR, best in class low light imaging and ultra-stable video recording. The new generation...

Nokia X30 5G Detailed Review: The Best Pureview Experience?

Introduction The existence of Nokia X30 5G was speculated by me in June 2022. Most of the speculations were correct and this was made based on observation of HMD Global’s pattern. Back then I stressed the importance of launching a device that should be potent enough...

Nokia X30 5G vs Nokia G60 5G: Detailed Camera (imaging) Comparison

Introduction Both the Nokia X30 5G and the Nokia G60 5G are making ways to newer markets and it is interesting to see how they both compare. In my previous article and video I shared about the hardware offerings and how the Nokia G60 5G fared...

Nokia X30 5G vs Nokia G60 5G: Detailed comparison Part 1

Introduction With both the Nokia X30 5G and the Nokia G60 5G in hand, it is easier to understand how both devices are similar but not the same. The Nokia X30 5G seems to be the answer that many Nokia fans around the world have been...

Nokia X30 5G Unboxing and Review: Initial Impression

Introduction The Nokia X30 5G is finally here. For those contemplating to purchase this device , but reside outside of Europe, E bay is the answer. The Nokia X30 5G is an interesting device. It is the first Pureview device without Zeiss branding. Similar to its...

Nokia G60 5G Ultimate Review: Nokia is Back in the Game!

Introduction It is no secret that the Nokia G60 5G accompanied me on my recent trip to India, exploring the beautiful temples and mystical places around it. It was actually a lucky gamble as the Nokia G60 5G was barely a couple of days with...

Nokia G60 5G: Unboxing and Initial Review: This is It!

Introduction Earlier this month, the Nokia G60 5G and the Nokia X30 5G were announced at IFA 2022. Both this devices are crucial for HMD Global as it would decide the future of Nokia mobile devices. The Nokia G60 5G is available in UK and...

Camera comparison: Nokia XR20 5G vs Nokia 8.3 5G vs Nokia 8.1 vs Nokia 9 Pureview

HMD Global’s camera approach has been somewhat unique in that each device has different sets of priorities and processing algorithm. It seems like they are still trying to create a balance experience while catching up with the competition.There are many notable camera devices from...

Nokia G21 Review : 50 MP AI Camera Explored

Nokia G21 Camera review
Introduction The Nokia G21 , the latest offering from HMD Global embraces their new strategy, where the focus have been shifted to entry level and midrange devices. In my previous article, I highlighted the benchmark scoring of the device which seems to be placed closed...

Nokia G21 Review : A New Journey

Nokia G21 unboxing review
Introduction To the keen observer, the newly announced G series ,namely the G21 here looks eerily similar to the Motorola E40. A part from the subtle changes in the finger print reader, the Moto E40 sports a higher clock speed Unisoc processor. At a glance,...

Nokia 8V 5G UW review: No Time To Die

Introduction The lesser-known variant with Pureview branding, the Nokia 8V 5G UW has generated interest among many Nokia enthusiast. The device which was initially exclusive to Verizon has crossed over to this part of the continent recently. Judging by the availability and its pricing, it probably...

Nokia XR20 5G review: New legendary Nokia that “breaks” many grounds

We have used Nokia XR20 5G 6GB RAM (Blue) Indian variant as our daily driver for over one month and this is our detailed review of the smartphone. It may help you in deciding whether you should really go for Nokia XR20 5G as...

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