Earlier this month, the Nokia G60 5G and the Nokia X30 5G were announced at IFA 2022. Both this devices are crucial for HMD Global as it would decide the future of Nokia mobile devices. The Nokia G60 5G is available in UK and also in Taiwan for consumers to purchase.

What makes the device from Taiwan even more compelling is that unlike its UK counter part, the ones from Taiwan comes with higher RAM configuration. I will be sharing the link to the online store at the end of the article for the curious minds out there. For now this is my initial impression on this device and why you might want to give this a try.

Nokia G60 5G

The Nokia G60 5G is a new breed of G series though the design language is similar to the earlier released G series. It is significantly cheaper than the Nokia X30 5G and it also represents HMG Global’s aspiration to have environmentally sustainable products and development. The Taiwan unit, with a higher configuration at 6GB RAM and 128 storage comes in at USD340 which is includes shipping and processing charges, and it took a mere 3 days journey to reach my hand from Taiwan! Now, the unit in UK at 4GB RAM excluding shipping and processing goes at USD300. To make the deal even sweater, the Taiwan unit comes with the original clear case included as opposed to the ones from UK which has to be bought separately. There are probably better deals out there which includes the awesome new Nokia speaker which is sadly not available in Taiwan. So , with the logistic details out of the way, lets dive into the device itself.

To be honest, I did not have much positive outlook with the G series as the predecessors were not exactly as good as it was advertised to be. But HMD Global seems to have changes their strategy to actually Play The Long Game. They cut costs where needed and have invested more on the device. So, the G60 5G came in with standard packaging. It comes with  a promise of 3 years of Android and 3 years a security update which might not sound as fancy as the ones offered by other manufacturers but still a rarity at this price point. This is  dual sim variant and has  features some worthy upgraded hardware.

The frame is made of 60% recycled plastic while the back is made of 100% recycled plastic! It features SD695 5G Mobile Platform, a 6.58”  full HD+ screen at 120 Hz refresh rate protected by Gorila Glass 5 capable of 400 nits of brightness that  can be boosted to 500 nits, a 4500mAh  battery that is rated to last 2 days and supports up to 20 W charging support. Speaking of the battery, its marketed to hold up to 800 full charging cycle.  It also boast an IP52 water resistant grading.

What makes the previous G series lackluster in my opinion were the hyped up features that did not actually deliver. While the Nokia G60 5G does not have any Pureview branding, it does have some of the software features in the camera department which makes this device interesting. A 50MP AI primary camera,a 5MP ultrawide and a 2MP depth camera at the rear and a 8MP camera on the front. The G60 features AI dark vision, AI super portrait , Capture Fusion and Dark Vision and Night Mode 2.0.

Do catch my unboxing and detailed initial impression at my YouTube channel and stay tuned for more interesting details on this device.

And dont forget to check in the display quality in the video compared to a Puredisplay device!!!

In a nutshell, this is the best G series to date and in my preliminary test, it can rival even more premium Nokia device!

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Link to purchase for Malaysian buyers, for International buyers you may directly ask them as they are based in Taiwan.