The feature phone segment is very much alive and vibrant, and this is one segment of the mobile device that Nokia or rather HMD Global, is actively revamping. At this point of time, it is safe to say that Nokia is actually having a solid performance in this segment and this is thanks to their innovation and creativity to differentiate their offerings from the rest.

I have covered on the previous iteration of the Nokia 110 4G which was launched about 2 years ago, the 110 4G 2021. The device is well built, offers all the essential features one would expect from this device category and has a vibrant approach.

This time around, the 2023 reimagined Nokia 110 4G is back , with a design that might make your head turn around!

Nokia 110 4G 2023

It is still the same candy-bar design all around but HMD Global has invested more in the durability and, key touches makes it different than the previous model. The purple color with its centrally placed camera module over the rear is a striking resemblance to the much higher priced and premium Huawei Mate 30. The textured back is now scratch resistant thanks to the nano coating , and coupled with the IP52 splash resistant protection, the Nokia 110 4G 2023 takes durability to a new level for feature phones.

The larger 1450mAh battery gives you 8 hours of talk time and up to 12 hours of standby time. What is new here is the addition of battery saving mode, that keeps you connected longer in between charges! The call quality is also improved thanks to to HD voice calling feature and what is also impressive is you can even record the call! The inclusion of Bluetooth 5.0 allows file transfer on the go, listening to music and having conversation with your trusted earbuds!

The Nokia 110 4G 2023 also retains all the essential features of its predecessor such as the wired/wireless FM radio, T9 dictionary input, memory card support, 3.5mm headphone input and Opera browser, so you are essentially getting an upgrade with the current model and not simply just a change in design.

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Final thoughts

Be it for the elderly , or just to detox yourself, the feature phone market is still relevant in most parts of the world. HMD Global is in the right track in this segment with continued improvement and approach and with a cool design like the Nokia 110 4G 2023, you might just get one as a secondary device.

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