With both the Nokia X30 5G and the Nokia G60 5G in hand, it is easier to understand how both devices are similar but not the same.

The Nokia X30 5G seems to be the answer that many Nokia fans around the world have been waiting with a more premium build and hardware while the Nokia G60 5G would definitely entice people looking to upgrade their midrange device.

But specification sheet is only half the story.

Nokia X30 5G vs Nokia G60 5G

In my reviews, I have emphasized that it is difficult to easily recommend one device over the other if budget is not a concern. Though priced differently, each have their own differentiating factor that might sway buyers.

While the looks of the current Nokia devices might not be as unique as we want it to be, the build quality is commendable. Though the emphasize on recycled material is the highlight, the device is as sturdy as any Nokia device can be. Both devices feel really nice in hand with the matte texture over the back and the aluminum frame. This is definitely a departure of the previous shiny glossy and very slippery back.

Though the Nokia G60 is a tad taller, the differences are actually negligible. The camera island is definitely something noteworthy. Unlike the scratch prone island like in the Nokia G21, both devices have a better built quality with matte finishing that looks and feels solid, and yet ot have any scratches! The Nokia X30 5G does have an added advantage here, the Gorilla Glass DX+, which is scratch resistant , while permitting up to 98% of light.

The display protection is also bumped up in both the devices with the Gorilla Glass Victus protecting the Nokia X30 5G while the G60 5G settles for the Gorilla Glass 5. I have mentioned this a few times before that the display on the Nokia G60 5G is certainly brilliant though being just an LCD display as compared to the AMOLED display on the Nokia X30 5G( you can see the side by side comparison in my video for both the display, and the G60 is certainly impressive). The AMOLED display allows an always on display option on the X30 unlike the G60 5G. The faster 120Hz refresh rate on the G60 and the 90Hz refresh rate on the X30 gives fluid transition and scrolling.

The Nokia G60 has a 3.5mm headjack for those wired music enthusiast unlike the Nokia X30 5G. The rear speaker on the Nokia X30 5G is certainly louder , but the general feel is that it sounds hollow. The G60 speaker on the other hand has more depth in that sense though the output is lower compared to the X30.

In terms of performance, both devices are pretty capable of handling the heavy duty. Thanks to the well optimized software, Android 12 runs well with no issue. The X30 5G maxes out at 8GB RAM and 256 GB storage while the G60 maxes at 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. Unlike the X30, the G60 has an expandable storage.

In terms of battery life and charging speed, thankfully both devices seem to perform well and behave as intended. The rapid charging works well for now and both devices will easily last a day with moderate to heavy usage and can even be extended to 2 days if you are a light user.

For more on the comparison, check my video here :

Do stay tuned for Part 2 of the review as I explore the camera performance on each.

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