Flickr’s official app for Windows Phone is pretty basic, buggy and unintuitive. So, it boils down to the 3rd party apps to take care of Flickr usage needs of Windows Phone device owners. Being a Flickr user myself, I thought of putting a review of the best Flickr apps available for Windows Phone, so that you can take an informed decision of which one to go for. I tried available Flickr apps and two of them stood out of the crowd.


2Flicka NPU

This is a paid Flickr application and boasts of a very metro-like UI, smooth performance and is much feature packed. The application directly opens to “Friends activity” screen and one can swipe to various screen like “my stream”, image upload, video upload, settings etc. The application supports upload from camera gallery directly in background and one can set option to manage the upload. One can use in-app camera to take pictures and videos and upload them to Flickr. In fact, this can be labelled as best Flickr app for Windows Phone. But wait till we talk about “Flickr Central”, which is a close contender to the best title too. In the meantime have a look at the features of 2Flicka,

– Snap HD pictures directly from the in-app camera.

– People search.

– Ability to edit/delete your own pictures.

– Upload multiple pictures to Flickr

– Search interesting/recent Flickr pictures on our Explore page.

– Share your uploaded pictures with only the people you want using our easy privacy settings.

– Share pictures on Twitter and Facebook.

– Swipe easily through your contacts’, recent and your own pictures in full screen browsing.

– Pin additional Live Tiles to your home screen for quick access to the in-app camera, friends’ activity and your photostream.

– View your picture location on map

– Ability of viewing nearby public pictures when clicking on your picture location from map

Change log v1.3.0:

– Added video capture

– Added video upload (only videos captured within the app)

– Added video playback for uploaded videos

– Loads of bugfixes

– Fixed sharing from phone picture hub

– Added upload resume when app is sent to background and back to foreground again

2Flicka link

Flickr Central:

Flickr CentralUnlike 2Flicka, Flickr Central takes you to the dashboard (central part of its UI navigation) when you open up the app. The advantage it offers is that you can easily navigate to where you want to by taping on various options. It looks like an official app because of its ordered and neat navigation.

Apart from viewing and exploring images It also supports image upload under lock-screen and direct auto upload from gallery. It also lets one set Flickr images as lock-screen background.

Flickr Central link


Coming to how both these apps compare to each other, it is tough to decide a winner. Though features wise 2Flicka has advantage of video upload which is not yet supported by Flickr Central. But Flickr Central is a free app and if your concern is more with images then you can’t avoid downloading it. UI of 2Flicka is more metro-like and swipey. It may be love by many, while Flick Central’s UI may seem easier to many. Both the apps provide best Flickr experience to Windows Phone owners and kudos to devs for keeping both the apps fresh with regular updates.