The latest report from analyst firm Strategy Analytics reveals significant revenue boost for Nokia Mobile in Q4 2021. This revenue boost was attributed to the highest ASP in last 2.5 years for Nokia handsets.

Coming to details now, Nokia Mobile saw its “global handset wholesale revenue” going up by +11% YoY in Q4 2021. The ASP (average selling price) increased by 32% and it reached to the highest level in 2.5 years as per the report.

The report further reveals highest share of smartphone volumes and value out of total Nokia handset shipments and revenues since 2019. Nokia Mobile grew smartphone shipments in five of the six global regions. In fact, in North America it almost tripled its shipments on a Year-on-Year basis. Read the details below.

HMD (Nokia) registered strong financial results in Q4 2021. Global handset wholesale revenue was up +11% YoY, due to the increased handset ASP (+32% YoY). That’s the largest handset ASP in the last 2.5 years for HMD, and its third largest ever, a result of the greater smartphone mix in the company’s overall volumes.

In Q4 2021, HMD (Nokia) achieved its highest share of smartphone volumes and smartphone value out of its total shipments and revenues since 2019.

On a regional basis, HMD (Nokia) grew smartphone shipments in five of the six global regions. The most impressive development was in the smallest region for the company – North America. Historically, HMD (Nokia) has always had a relatively weak presence in the region, but in Q4 2021 it almost tripled its shipments from last year.

As per the report, Nokia Mobile aims to become one of the top prepaid vendors in US by the end of 2022. The sales performance in Q4 2021 may be the first strong step towards that goal.

We recently reported about Nokia Mobile registering strong growth in smartphone shipments in Q3 2021. Another report revealed that Nokia was 5th top smartphone brand in the European markets in the Third quarter of 2021.