apps.27961.13510798882959499.3c4148a5-824e-4f79-b0b6-5d402d7746df.0394a342-a24d-45a4-8d78-0ee0fa4a4b18The Windows phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is Quick voice reminder.

Quick voice reminder Details:

Simple, easy and quick usable sound recorder and reminder.

Do you need to make quick note and you haven¥t a pencil and a paper? Are you driving your car and it is necessary to record something important? And do you want to remind it at the end of your journey? Our QVR will help you! Only three clicks and every important information is safely saved in your phone!

Basic characteristics:

quick and easy recording sounds and voice memos (notes) and playing it back

simple and friendly operating (handling)

original and uncommon (unusual) “retro” design

large buttons for aesier use (control)

renaming your records

adding voice reminds to your calendar (creating new voice

reminds in five steps/clicks)

multiple reminds supported

clearly recordlist and remindlist

adding picture or photo to the record

GPS location automatically added (you can switch it off)

advanced Metro UI

upload records using SkyDrive

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