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A part of tech and Financial news media specialises in writing negative stories about Nokia, MS and obviously the WP Eco-syetem. I am not exaggerating, try searching on web and you will see big names writing stuff against the above three entities, which can be termed as “baseless” and most of the times “rubbish“. One of the favorite stories about Nokia in last few days has been it getting bought by every minor or major company out there even including MS.  We punctured that in one of the earlier POV article.

Now, some more articles were popping up in similar way about why MS may not be as committed to WP Eco-system and why Nokia is destined to doom!! So, time to take care of these articles :P.

In recent times there has been a flurry of official and good quality applications for WP. Big names made their way to the WP store. Instagram which didn’t announce an official apps for WP, is not that hotly talked anymore, due to presence of 3rd party apps like “Instance“. So, now nearly all so-called major missing applications or their 3rd party replacements are there in the store. Also, yesterday MS has announced that store has now reached 16000 apps which marks increased momentum and apps eco-system growth with quality apps coming in.

And, we need to give the credit where it is due. So, good work Joe Belfiore and team and keep it up!!

Coming to MS-Nokia relationship and MS’s commitment to WP Eco-system, in recent times MS and Nokia are co-operating closer than ever. All the recent promos and ads released by MS and few of them like “wedding ad” or “low-light promos” etc have been really catchy and prominently feature Lumias. So, isn’t it proof enough of MS commitment that they are putting lots of money in promoting the devices they know will sell and it obviously benefits Nokia and the eco-system. And one can simply see that the marketing efforts by MS has increased many time than ever before with very frequent adverts, promos etc.

If that is not enough yesterday’s announced Telefonica deal has now shown MS’s commitment in increasing the platform momentum. Mind you this deal is for at least one year and Nokia is again going to be major beneficiary because it is fully committed to the WP platform and enjoys more than 80% market-share.

In a nutshell, with visibly gained new momentum and MS and Nokia’s long-term commitment towards the success, the Windows Phone platform is certainly destined for greater market share and success.

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