Life is full of strange coincidences!! Nokia is planning to launch its range of Android smartphones mostly by end of 2016 (or by early 2017). Sadly, a Nokia-created brand which had / has a big fan following of its own thanks in parts to its association with the “Nokia brand” (in mind of fans) may get phased out soon.

Microsoft is planning to pull curtains on what is left of Lumia brand presence in coming months, report our sources. This has been amply hinted by recent closure of Lumia social and help accounts. So, when Lumias will cease to exist as an option for Nokia hardware fans, they can be happy with the fact that Nokia will make a come-back with hardware of its own. The only difference will be that the upcoming Nokia smartphones will run Android with a Nokia UI launcher.

So, while it may not be the ideal scenario for anyone in love with both Nokia hardware + Windows 10 Mobile, for those who moved to Microsoft’s camp because of the Nokia D&S merger to Microsoft Mobile, it may not be a very difficult decision to make.

Microsoft however is working on an Enterprise-focused “Surface Phone” that it hopes will appeal to consumers too like Surface 2-in-1 range has done. We just reported about it delaying the Surface Phone to Aug-Sep 2017 now.

Coming to what Nokia Hardware fans can expect, there are many smartphones and tablets in works. You can read our coverage of upcoming Nokia hardware by clicking here. For those wondering about how much Nokia will be there in these upcoming smartphones and tablets, we earlier wrote about how creation of HMD was a Nokia Masterstroke ensuring Nokia design, quality, manufacturing, feel, after sales & service in upcoming phones.

The future Nokia phones will use original Nokia manufacturing, design, innovation, quality control, marketing, sales and after-sales services. It will be controlled and monitored by Nokia and ex-Nokia teams and leadership. So, much Nokianess!!