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POV: Microsoft failed in bringing successors worth upgrading to its successful Lumias

So who and what to blame for the Lumia Q1 2016 sales disaster?? We had ourselves told you to expect worse in our POV. And we also told you how for Microsoft Phones are not the focus this year and Microsoft seems to be planning slow and long haul in Windows 10 Mobile with something big coming in 2017. But only 2.3 million Lumia sales in three months need more analysis, given all new devices including supposedly volume-driving Lumia 550 and Lumia 650 went on sale in this quarter.

I would like to quote a friend of mine who has been using a Lumia 640 and was expecting a new mid-ranger Lumia worth upgrading to. For him “Lumia 650 is a downgrade rather than an upgrade”. It runs on a lower-grade processor and even doesn’t pack a Carl-Zeiss ear camera and on top of that there is no upgrade in terms of display etc. So, for him with a steep launch price, Lumia 650 is no upgrade option at all.

We heard similar views when Lumia 550 was launched and many found it lacking in many departments when compared to its predecessor Lumia 540. So many are simply not willing to let go of their devices for something that they don’t consider worth upgrading to.

Android smartphones from reputed vendors on similar price points offer much better hardware, camera, display etc and if you let go of the vendor’s reputation, you may get a device with high-end features and hardware. So, while it is an uphill task for Microsoft to lure Android users with offerings like Lumia 550 and Lumia 650, it is also proving difficult to offer convincing upgrade options for existing Windows Phone users.

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  • Viktar

    There was no CS camera in 640 lol.
    650 is not a successor to 640 to be an upgrade.

  • Abílio Batista

    I totally agree. I have a Lumia 735 and I want to upgrade because my phone has his screen cracked, but there is no proper upgrade for me now, I was looking for the lumia 830 and 930, the rear cameras are nice but the front ones… I think I’m just gonna replace my screen and wait for one more year 🙁

  • Stanislav Donchev

    Unfortunately I totally agree with Your POV… I am a happy user of Lumia 820, but it is already 3 years old, and there is no solid mid-ranger that could be used as its full-grade successor. Lumia 830 was interesting option, but was only hard to find in Bulgaria and on pretty high price. Unfortunately it is now outdated… The success of x20-series was easy to be planned, because of the use of almost same hardware and with only difference being display – size and quality, cameras and some “extras” and all this package on reasonable prices. Now, we have no mid-rangers, phones with outdated and low-power SoC on higher than normal prices for their technical data. We don’t even have a mid-ranger with Snapdragon 615 – so praised Continuum-feature is available only on 2 models… This wrong mode led us to this situation…

  • pslabakov

    same goes for 930 … I was looking for upgrade … but 950 has nothing to offer .. besides windows hello ofcourse

    • Kamal

      Lumia 950 is a really good upgrade over Lumia 930 IMO, sans the design.

    • McHale72

      I would DEFINITELY pass on the 950 series until you check out the support forums on how very major issues have never been addressed by Microsoft and still go unresolved since launch. I went from 930 to 950 XL and the experience has been so terrible I’m looking at Samsung phones. For a little backstory: I hate Samsung more than any other phone vendor. Android IMHO is still a buggy mess. I’ve used nothing but windows Mobile/Phone/Mobile since the HTC Surround and used Pocket PCs before that. I’ve purchased more than 2 dozen Windows Mobile devices at full, unsubsidized price. Before my 950 XL shipped, I vowed I’d stick with Windows Phone until it was no longer available. The Lumia 950 XL and Microsoft’s support of their own operating system is so bad that I’d scrap it indefinitely.