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So, what we once opined in “POV: MS must work “First & Fast” on those updates, which enhance platform’s competitiveness and increase adoption rate!!” has found resonance in the yesterday’s announced GDR3 changelog. So, we have 1080p support, Quad-core processors support etc… What still is missing out of these “must haves” from GDR3,

Lack of dual-sim capability. Changelog doesn’t mention it but it may be really one of the under the hood improvements, but let us see. MS can’t ignore the dual-sim craze of market like India, which has shown enthusiasm for the platform, albeit on the strength of Nokia.

Apart from this, features like “Notification center” and toggles for settings like Bluetooth,  NFC, Data and WiFi are must for adoption by users from other platform especially Android and it makes the already easy to use UI easier.

Better apps back up and overall syncing experience has been a deal breaker for many, so may be MS really needs to do something soon

The sudden announcement of GDR3 and early access to GDR3 for developers and enthusiasts have been a pleasant surprise, but this also highlights the fact that OS development still needs to catch up a bit. MS doesn’t have luxury of being Apple, that it will be still be appreciated for catching up to others.

They mayn’t bring all bloated Android features but, those features which make user experience rich and better and increase adoption should be the focus going forward and they certainly need to hurry!!

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