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We just reported how well WP is growing in EU5 countries. In case of UK it has even sharply grown from 9.2% in July to 12% in August. In EU5 it has grown from 8.2% in July to 9.2% in August.

But, have a look at two largest smartphone markets and it is rather gloomy scenario in US and China. Not only you can see year-on-year decline in China, but also from July to August sales share has declined from 2.4% to 2.1%. In US as well, sales share has dropped from 3.5% to 3.0% from July to August.

This is in spite of Lumia 1020, Lumia 520, Lumia 928 launches in US and Lumia 625, 925 and 1020 launches in China markets. Most blame slow adoption of WP devices and cite reasons like,

  • Slow updates and features addition by Microsoft which leads to WP device always using last generation hardware and lacking in features as compared to Androids.
  • Apps Eco-system (which has seen much better traction in last few months) is also quoted as one of the reasons of this lack of interest  in WP devices.
  • Lack of flexibility in  extending the product line like bigger screen devices (Display resolution), dual-sim devices fast enough.

Actually, this brings us to the question, will MS be able to utilize the potential of Nokia designers and engineers when they acquire them completely.

Nokia has always provided innovative hardware with best in the class displays, outstanding cameras but crippled by the OS limitations like only dual-core CPU and only up to WXGA resolution support. MS has been really slow in updating OS and stepping up software capabilities.

So, in case WP is not able to catch up to or overtake other OSes fast enough and MS continues with similar approach of “taking it easy” forget about US and China market.

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