darklingPopular iOS game Darklings has come to the Windows Phone store.

This  is an epic endless adventure game where you tries to save the world by purging the darklings and retrieve the stars. Play as the face of light, Lum, only piece of hope left on the universe, and purge all the Darklings to their pits, and begin to save the world!

In this game users get exclusive content: a new family of darklings to purge, a desert map and five Lum customizations.

Darklings Features:

* Unique Gesture Driven Gameplay
– Addictive, fun and natural gameplay like you never seen before,
– Draw the shapes on creatures to possess and kill them.
– No D-Pads, additional controls, just you and your fingers on the stage.

* Addictive, endless survival with various environments, settings
– Battle in the Dark Forest, Caverns and Floating Islands, Desert more incoming…
– Never ending survival with a huge content, lots of different game sets.

* Sweet artwork
– Featured on top notch visual design websites,
– Noire artistic style, a delicate taste to your eyes.

* Lovely customisations,
– Customise your main character, Lum, over 10 customisations,
– Be a Monk or a Crow,
– Wizard or a Wrestler,
– Or be the Lum Gates,
– Choose what you like and purge the darkness.

* Over 40 creatures, 4 families and counting,
– Crawlers of the Dark Forest,
– Hollows of the Caverns,
– Furies of the Floating Islands
– And now, only for Windows Phone players, Wanderers of the Desert!
– 4 different families with whole different styles.
– Impressive Boss Fights,
– Epic Boss fights with different tactical strategy for each boss

* Breathtaking soundtracks,
– You never heard something like this unless you go to the Batman movie!!

* Sweet Chilli Sauce.
– An awesome sauce to complete the tasty Darklings recipe!..

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