This is confusing. Although Windows Phone Store lists Debit Cards as a supported means of App Purchases. Although that’s better than the Android Play Store where only Credit Cards are accepted, seems not all kinds of Debit Cards work. For me, one of my card (from a less known bank) worked while the rest 3 failed even when the Store was able to verify the card by deducting the initial charge for verification. All of them were Visa International Debit Cards backed by the Verified by Visa PIN.

A quick web search shows that many users are in a similar problem with some of them having luck buying apps with their Debit Cards while others didn’t. Hence decided to organize a poll to see what percentage of our readers are easily able to make purchases with their Cards.

I’ve enabled adding custom answers in the poll, but please do that only if you actually have a new answer to add. For the rest, would love it if you also spend a little time in submitting a comment below with additional details about your card provider.