podcastPodcast+ Pro has received a new update for Windows Phone Devices. The new version is The update brings lots of new features and improvements.

Podcast+ Pro Changelog:

– added: sort podcasts manually
– added: mark old episodes as played automatically
– added: one click the tile and auto-play the playlist
– added: share the podcast via email/text
– added: mark all played for the podcasts
– improved: display the new number, instead of total number
– improved: support to auto-play next for videos
– improved: calculate and clean the storage usage more accurate
– improved: auto-remove the canceled item from downloading queue
– improved: update playing state when the app is activated
– improved: mark as new when the episode download starts
– improved: support download image only on the WiFi to use less data
– fixed: more fault tolerance for the episode date
– fixed: the option ‘hide played episodes’ can’t be saved
– fixed: resume playback doesn’t work for the downloaded video
– fixed: some other known bugs

Install link