playThe Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is Player for Google Play Music.

All music in Player for Google Play Music are sorted by album, tracks and artists. The app supports live tiles with displaying albums that you recently listened.

Player for Google Play Music Features:

– search for music on the service Google Play Music;

– listen to music at the service Google Play Music;

– cache tracks, albums;

– listen to tracks from your own music library;

– search for artists, albums and tracks from Explore;

– access to playlists include “Thumbs up” playlist;

– view photo of artist and album covers; – view similar artists; – attach the album and playlist on the main screen;

– listen to the radio;

– listen to music from sections: “Top Albums”, “New”, “Recommended”, “Similar”, “Top Tracks”; –

search in Library;

– move from song to artist and album;

– listen to music from sections Library / Albums and Library / Artists;

– listen to cached tracks from sections Cached Albums and Cached Artists;

– sort by genre in Explore.

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