apps.42215.9007199266633382.65ca11ee-7fad-48e1-846b-4850a45fe755.10bb712d-a3cd-4e90-b8c8-64cf488177eeThe Windows Phone game which goes free as myAppFree app of the day is Peg Solitaire.

Peg Solitaire Details:

Peg or Marble Solitaire is a single player puzzle-board game, where the objective is to clear the board of pieces, save for one. This is accomplished by jumping pieces orthogonally over each other, removing the pieces which was jumped over.

– Includes 5 different solitaire boards to play on (English, French(European), German, Diamond, and Triangular)

Features in development – Saving of games in progress – Levels leading up to solving a full board

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