Tango application is the only video calls  application on Lumia 900 currently and comes pre-loaded out of the box on the device. You can see the application present on Lumia 900′ AT&T version in our article .

There is one article posted over Nokia conversations highlighting about the application features and the company named “Tango” which has developed this application for windows phone devices.

Application features:

  • “There’s no username, no login, which makes it incredibly easy to use. It’s based on your address book.
  • Video messaging feature, when people don’t pick up, our users are able to leave a video message. And this is something people really like.
  • Tango has a very light presence in phone networks and doesn’t run in the background if you aren’t making a call.
  • They have found a way to access the network without the constant need to keep sending out a signal. The app can cost up to 90 per cent less in data charges than other services because there is no constant need for the program to keep getting in touch with the network
  • Cross Platform application Tango is available for Android and Iphone as well.
  • You can make video calls using the back-facing camera with Tango. So Lumia 800, 710 and 610 is a go as well.

Now some highlights about the application and company behind it,

  • Tango got instant traction, with a million users in just 10 days. Now after 18 months they have 42 million users across 212 countries.
  • Tango has been around for two and a half years and currently employs 85 people in Palo Alto, California.
  • “Over 40 percent of our 42 million users have been active in the last month.”
  • The third most downloaded app after Facebook and Twitter on Windows Phone.
  • Tango company puts out a new product every two weeks.

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