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Official Nokia article on Tango video calls application for Lumia devices.No Login required, Video messaging , works on Lumia 800 too :)

  Tango application is the only video calls  application on Lumia 900 currently and comes pre-loaded out of the box on the device. You can see the application present on Lumia 900' AT&T version in our article . There is one article posted over Nokia conversations highlighting about the application features and the

N9 to N9 and N9 to PC video calling demoed on Gtalk video call app :)

In our earlier articles we informed you about Gtalk video calling app developed by Nokia for N9 devices having updgraded to PR1.2. Now thanks to toycie199 we have demo of how it works on N9 to N9 and N9 to PC. Check the videos. First one is N9 to N9 video calling. [youtube=]   Second one is N9 to PC video calling. [youtube=]