inoreaderInoReader, a RSS reader service which aggregated web content is now available to download from the Windows Phone Store. The company has already released iOS and Android apps.

The main Inoreader functions of the Windows Phone app are easy to access – just login with your account and get down to your articles.

Now you’ll have access to your folders, starred articles and tags, just like you’d expect – navigating through them is made with the smaller screen in mind, so that you can use just a couple of taps to go where you want.

The listing has a Card and List view options, that can easily be changed based on your preference – there are also many other customization options to match your reading habits.

You can manage and share articles – star, tag, mark as unread or share on social media any piece of content in your Inoreader

Since this is the first iteration of the app, there will be more to come in the coming updates.

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