Tile Grouping

While it may be debatable as how much the official images that are posted by Microsoft on it sites are real or made to look-like how Microsoft wants them, many times we have seen them revealing important features coming in future. Like, we remember changes in Windows 10 Mobile Outlook Mail, Contact, People apps etc revealing themselves before even coming to the app via updates in distant future.

Now, one of our readers have shared with us an image from an official page that has Windows 10 Mobile running on a Smartphone, Tablet and PC. What catches attention is that the “Tiles Grouping” seems to exist even on Smartphone versions of Windows 10. Above is an enlarged version of the original image and one can notice it by looking carefully. As we said, we must be careful before assuming that it is coming with Redstone, the next version of Windows 10 Mobile. Many time such features that get leaked by such official images make their way to the OS while many times they don’t. Here is the page link for those interested.

We have shared some info about what features we can expect Redstone to bring for Mobile version of Windows 10, though the list is not exhaustive.

Thanks Naveen for the tip. Cheers!!