tap to pay lockscreenWe have earlier reported about a new and much welcome capability coming with Windows 10 for Phones. With Windows 10 supporting HCE or Host Card Simulation, tap to pay will be here without any dependency on carrier and secure chips.

Windows 10 for Phone will take away the dependency on Carriers and secure chips by bringing HCE (Host Card Emulation) support. This was you can use your NFC enabled device on any supported POS without any restrictions and without need of a specialist app like “Softcard” or without needing a secure Sim from AT&T. As the PPT reveals Microsoft has aligned with VISA, MaterCard and AMEX already for this.

Now in a Build 2015 PPT, Microsoft has actually demoed how to setup or simulate a card in your Windows 10 phone and use it for tap to pay in images. Great news is that Tap to Pay works even when you phone screen is locked (check the top image). Check the setup and settings demo below.

tap to pay tap tp pay2 tap tp pay3You need to register and then setup a card by logging in on your device running windows 10 for Phones. It seems if you have more than one card setup on your phone you can set one as the default one for making payments.

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